Steel/Plywood Concrete Form Refurbishing

Elite Forms, Steel/Plywood, and Others
EMI is now offering form refurbishing services to recondition your steel/plywood handset concrete forms to original specifications. Our extensive machine and fabrication equipment gives EMI the capability to clean, straighten, weld, powdercoat, and re-ply all according to your individual needs. Wheelabrator processes remove paint, rust and other types of buildups, leaving the form clean and scale free. We then apply our exclusive DuraCoat powder coating to keep the frame rust-free for many years under the harshest conditions. Choose from top grade 1/2" HDO or Exact2 birch, machine riveted to the frame, giving you a strong, long-lasting, smooth-pouring surface that releases cleanly, and resists chipping and nail breakout. Edges are sealed with styrene acrylic sealer, resisting moisture, oil, alkali, and concrete adhesion.

From 10 forms to 1,000 forms, you can Rely On EMI to help you extend your investment, Contact EMI today for a price quotation.

Form Layout Service for Poured Walls

RELY ON EMI to help you properly plan labor and materials relative to your specific foundation, poured walls and precast projects. We combine our expertise with CAD technology to eliminate any guesswork and insure accuracy inform setting and shoring. This value-added service can reduce your purchased costs, while also enhancing your design capabilities. Ask your EMI representative for details today.